Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh, My Dear Daughter, Where Did You Go?

Where did you go?
When you were a baby, just sitting up
you would grin and your eyes light up
the blanket would pull
up over your head
where did you go?

Peek a boo!
and there you were
not far from me
you were all of my world.

When you were two
and fast on your feet...... running away,
giggling inside
looking for me from your place to hide
where did you go?

There you were under the bed
clutching your blanket-
reaching to me
do it again! and so we did.

When you were ten
and riding your bike,
big enough now -
I watched you disappear around the corner...
where did you go?

Soon you came with
pride on your face,
yet glad to be home.

Independence grew
and so did you,
friends and activities
sometimes your place at the table was empty.
where did you go?

You returned home
my worry ceased
your smile at ease
and my heart at peace.

Then you grew up-
and walked out the door,
on your own now
less often around
where did you go?

I don't know your day
I don't know your friends
I don't see your smile at
every day's end
where did you go?

I find myself wishing for
peek a boo and tag.
author- Shannon I Olson

Oh, how I miss my daughter being home and young!  But, I do have my grandchildren!  Thank you, God, for all three of them.

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  1. Linda, that made me cry!!!! I am a mother of four young children and it breaks my heart to think they won't wanta play peek a boo or be able to see there sweet smiles every morning!!!! Wow!!!! Sure make a person think if your spending every minute with them the correct heartwarming way. Enjoy your grandchildren I'm sure they love you very much!!!! Big Prim Hugs Casey