Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I just love tulips!  Don't you?  I have been out in the yard pulling weeds and enjoying spring flowers.  It is only about 60 today, but feels so good to be out in the yard.  The sun is shining and I think that does wonders for a body, we all need vitamin D.  Here is a pic I took out in my yard and it shows some of my tulips that are blooming.  They are purple with a few red in them too.


  1. Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by and saying hi.
    I love your tulips and your yard. I see an old wash tub that I would love to have. I have been searching for an old base for mine for some time now. Maybe this will be the year that I will score on at the rummage sales. Blessings to your friend

  2. Thanks, Chanda! I just found the wash tub at a flea market and I love it. I hope you will find one soon. Blessings, Linda