Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring Is a Commin!!!!

John Griffiths
Picture from AP
Well, Phil did not see his shadow!!  I worked in my yard yesterday while it was about 58 degrees and it felt so good.  Little green buds coming up all over the flower beds with tulips and all of the first flowers we see in spring and I can't wait.  Can you?   I bought me some pink tulips at Wal Mart Monday and they are in a vase in my kitchen looking so pretty.  I love tulips, aw shucks,  I love all flowers!  Just give me some color

Hope you are all staying safe and warm with all of this bad weather.  Here we are having cold temps and has been raining, no snow for us.   Sooo, stay warm and get all cozied up with a book, watch a movie, snuggle with your honey and kids, cook, or just relax.  Prayers to all of you who are dealing with the deep snows.  Blessings, Linda


  1. 14" of snow after 1" of ice and powerful winds blowing it into 6-8' drifts and the topper is tonight we are expecting -10'.
    I'm thinking warm beaches and budding flowers sound so good.

  2. Oh, Linda, please stay warm and stay inside if possible! I have seen this on the news and I can't imagine all of that snow.